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Gene Review

lom  -  outer host membrane

Enterobacteria phage lambda

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Disease relevance of lom

  • High-level synthesis of the phage lambda outer-membrane protein from the cloned lom gene [1].

High impact information on lom

  • One of these is lom, the product of which is found in the bacterial outer membrane, and is homologous to virulence proteins of two other enterobacterial genera [2].
  • The reading frame of lom was identified as ORF206a [1].
  • A 2.7-kb KpnI-EcoRI fragment carrying the lom gene of bacteriophage lambda has been cloned into plasmid pPR42 and recloned into the SmaI site of pUC9 [1].
  • The gene (lom = lambda outer membrane) encoding this polypeptide has been mapped in the non-essential region of the lambda genome between coordinates 39.4% and 40.7% of lambda [3].


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