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Gene Review

psbH  -  photosystem II reaction center protein H

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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High impact information on psbH

  • To gain insight into this process, we have cloned the nuclear gene encoding the Mbb1 factor by genomic rescue of a mutant specifically deficient in the accumulation of the mRNAs of the psbB/psbT/psbH chloroplast transcription unit [1].
  • Thus, psbB/T and psbH may be independently transcribed, and the latter gene seems to have its own promoter in C. reinhardtii [2].
  • The role of PSII-H on PSII assembly was examined by sucrose gradient fractionation of pulse-labeled thylakoids; the accumulation of high-molecular-weight forms of PSII is severely impaired in the psbH deletion mutant [2].
  • Northern blot analyses indicate the formation of dicistronic transcripts of psbB and ORF31 and monocistronic transcripts of psbN and psbH [3].
  • Using particle gun-mediated transformation, we have created chloroplast transformants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in which the synthesis of PSII-H is prevented by the disruption of psbH, or in which the phosphorylatable threonine is replaced by alanine through site-directed mutagenesis of the gene [4].

Biological context of psbH

  • The chloroplast gene psbH encodes a 9-10 kDa thylakoid membrane protein (PSII-H) that is associated with photosystem II and is subject to light-dependent phosphorylation at a threonine residue located on the stromal side of the membrane [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of psbH

  • From primer extension and nuclease protection assays, it is apparent that 5' and 3' processing of the primary psbH transcript results in the accumulation of a heterogenous population of mRNAs [3].


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