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Gene Review

BMP10  -  bone morphogenetic protein 10

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BMP-10, Bone morphogenetic protein 10
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High impact information on BMP10

  • Recently, we generated a novel transgenic mouse model (alphaMHC-BMP10) in which the cardiac-specific growth factor bone morphogenetic protein 10 (BMP10) is overexpressed in postnatal myocardium [1].
  • These alphaMHC-BMP10 mice appear to have normal cardiogenesis throughout embryogenesis, but develop to smaller hearts within 6 weeks after birth. alphaMHC-BMP10 hearts are about half the normal size with 100% penetrance [1].
  • A statistical analysis showed that n-Bone% with OCP/BMP was significantly higher than that with OCP at both time points, whereas the difference in n-Bone% between OCP/BMP 10 microg and OCP/BMP 1 microg was not significant [2].
  • 15 mg of OCP combined with 10 microg of rhBMP-2 (OCP/BMP 10 microg), 2 [2].


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