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Gene Review

Cyp4a12a  -  cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: BC025936, CYPIVA12, Cyp4a12, Cytochrome P450 4A12A
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High impact information on Cyp4a12

  • Thus, PPARalpha has a specific effect on constitutive expression of Cyp4a12 [1].
  • We set out to find if the strain-specific, male-specific hepatic expression of Cyp4a protein in mouse was due to expression of Cyp4a12 and to understand the genetic basis for reported differences in expression [1].
  • To further investigate genetic factors that control male-specific Cyp4a12 expression, PPARalpha+/+ and -/- mice were studied, showing that total P450 and 12-LAH activity was male-specific in +/+, but not -/- mice [1].
  • However, the male-specific Slp and MUP-1 genes retained hepatic male-specific levels of expression in +/+ and -/- mice, showing that the decrease in Cyp4a12 was not a general effect on male-specific expression [1].
  • Lung levels of Cyp4a12 mRNA were enhanced by ninefold in mice treated with clofibrate and by fourfold in animals injected with IL-1beta [2].

Biological context of Cyp4a12

  • Transcript profiling using macroarrays containing approximately 1200 genes showed that 93% (40 out of 43) of all expression changes observed in wild-type mice upon TCE exposure were dependent on PPARalpha and included known targets of PP (Cyp4a12, epidermal growth factor receptor) and additional genes involved in cell growth [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cyp4a12


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