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Gene Review

UPK1B  -  uroplakin 1B

Bos taurus

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High impact information on UPK1B

  • Our results established the existence of two isoforms of bovine uroplakin I: a 27-kD uroplakin Ia and a 28-kD uroplakin Ib [1].
  • Using a sensitive approach that combines in-gel glycosidase and protease digestions, permethylation of released glycans, and mass spectrometry, we have elucidated for the first time the native glycoform structures of the mouse UPIa receptor and those of its non-binding homolog, UPIb, and have determined the glycosylation site occupancy [2].

Associations of UPK1B with chemical compounds

  • The larger loop connecting TMD3 and TMD4 of both UPIa and UPIb contains six highly conserved cysteine residues; at least one centrally located cysteine doublet in UPIa is involved in forming intramolecular disulfide bridges [1].


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