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Gene Review

TMEM176B  -  transmembrane protein 176B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: LR8, Protein LR8, Transmembrane protein 176B
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Disease relevance of TMEM176B

  • Here we have chosen the multifunctional chicken oocyte receptor for yolk deposition (termed LR8), and the pan-receptor ligand, receptor associated protein (RAP), as model systems to characterize a minireceptor using the phage display approach [1].

High impact information on TMEM176B

  • Selected oocytes gain access to yolk precursors, and LR8 binds, internalizes, and deposits the major yolk components in the ratio of their relative abundance in the accessible pool [2].
  • C3 is transported into oocytes by LR8-mediated endocytosis [2].
  • Full length cloning of GS188 identified it as a family member of LR8 that was reported to express predominantly in fibroblasts [3].
  • We have identified the murine Clast1/LR8 gene by subtraction of cDNA derived from CD40 ligand-activated and naive B cells [4].


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