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Gene Review

Zfp292  -  zinc finger protein 292

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 5730450D02Rik, 5830493J20Rik, 9430062L07Rik, AI449016, Krox-10, ...
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High impact information on Zfp292

  • Mouse growth hormone transcription factor Zn-16: unique bipartite structure containing tandemly repeated zinc finger domains not reported in rat Zn-15 [1].
  • Mouse Zn-16 mRNA also was detected by ribonuclease protection assay in the pre-somatotrophic mouse cell line GHFT1-5 [1].
  • Chromosomal localization of the zinc finger protein 15, Zfp15, on mouse chromosome 4 [2].
  • Correlation of GH mRNA abundance with transcription factor copy number showed a significant correlation for Pit-1, Prop-1, and Zn-16 [3].

Biological context of Zfp292

  • However, the mouse cDNA encodes 16 zinc fingers, and sequences of rZn-15 pituitary cDNAs were the same as the mouse (m) Zn-16; the rat sequence in GenBank has a one nucleotide offset of a 17-bp segment in the finger V region [1].

Other interactions of Zfp292

  • The cell extracts also showed an increased abundance of both Zn-16 and Pit-1 mRNAs when compared with whole pituitary extracts [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Zfp292


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