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Gene Review

ihhb  -  Indian hedgehog homolog b

Danio rerio

Synonyms: EHH, Echidna hedgehog protein, IHH, IHHB, Indian hedgehog B protein, ...
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High impact information on ihhb

  • Here we describe a new member of the hedgehog family, echidna hedgehog, that is expressed exclusively in the notochord and has the ability to rescue the differentiation of muscle pioneer cells in mutants with no notochord [1].
  • Moreover, we show that a combination of ectopic echidna hedgehog and sonic hedgehog expression induces supernumary muscle pioneers in wild-type embryos, suggesting that both signals act sequentially to pattern the developing somites [1].
  • Induction of slow muscles by other Hhs appeared to require Gli2, because ectopic expression of Echidna hedgehog (Ehh) and Tiggy-winkle hedgehog (Twhh) failed to induce slow muscles in yot mutant embryos [2].
  • Together, these data suggest that further Hhs, other than Shh, are also involved in the induction and differentiation of slow muscle cells and that Gli2 is required by Shh, Twhh, and Ehh, thus playing a key role in the induction and differentiation of slow muscle cells [2].

Biological context of ihhb


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