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Gene Review

daw  -  dawdle

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: ALP23B, Alp, Alp23B, Alp23b, CG16987, ...
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High impact information on Alp23B

  • We show that Tlr is a circulating enzyme that processes the pro-domains of three Drosophila TGF-beta-type ligands, and, in the case of the Activin-like protein Dawdle (Daw), this processing enhances the signaling activity of the ligand in vitro and in vivo [1].
  • Identification of more ligand sequences and demonstration of a functional Drosophila activin-like signal transduction pathway suggest that all TGF-beta signal transduction pathways are present in flies [2].
  • Further we demonstrated that both myoglianin and its most closely related mammalian ligand, myostatin, interacted with a Wit and Baboon (Babo) type II-type I receptor complex to activate TGFbeta/activin-like signaling pathways [3].
  • Indeed, activin mRNA and activin-like immunoreactivity are found in choroid cells, in vitro [4].
  • The mechanism that establishes AP polarity involves graded activin-like signalling and directly links mesoderm AP patterning to CE [5].

Anatomical context of Alp23B

  • This simple view is countered by the observation that activin A mRNA is also present in the iris and activin-like immunoreactivity is detectable in the iris and ciliary body [4].


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