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Gene Review

Tsp  -  Thrombospondin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG11326, CT31613, D-TSP, DTSP, Dmel\CG11326, ...
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High impact information on Tsp

  • Drosophila Sema-5c and the mammalian homologs are transmembrane proteins with extracellular thrombospondin type I (TspI) repeats [1].
  • The putative extracellular region contains four tandem repeats of a cysteine-rich motif which is similar to a cysteine pattern present in procollagen and in thrombospondin [2].
  • The open reading frame of the DTSP cDNA encodes a protein that has 1060 amino acid residues [3].
  • Comparison with the genomic sequence revealed that the DTSP gene is divided into 13 exons; The translation initiation site is in exon 2 [3].
  • All of the vectors contain a tsp and a multiple cloning site (MCS) immediately downstream from the hsp26 nurse cell enhancer [4].

Other interactions of Tsp

  • The existence of overlapping transcripts was found to be a significant feature of transcription of gene CG11327 and the DTSP gene [5].


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