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Gene Review

IDDM11  -  insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 11

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of IDDM11


High impact information on IDDM11

  • This location overlaps with IDDM11 and includes SEL1L, a negative regulator of the Notch pathway that may control islet development [2].
  • A new susceptibility locus (IDDM11) has been localized to chromosome 14q24.3-q31 by detection of significant linkage to microsatellite D14S67, using both maximum likelihood methods (LODmax = 4.0 at Theta = 0.20) and affected sib pair (ASP) methods (P = 1 x 10(-5)) [1].
  • Grade-of-membership sibpair linkage analysis maps IDDM11 to chromosome 14q24.3-q31 [3].
  • No evidence for SEL1L as a candidate gene for IDDM11-conferred susceptibility [4].
  • Using a linkage based approach which only detects highly significant susceptibility genes we have recently reported preliminary results which demonstrated that a marker located approximately 25 cM from the TSH receptor gene on chromosome 14q31 is linked to GD and in the same vicinity as the IDDM-11 locus [5].


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