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Gene Review

GPR148  -  G protein-coupled receptor 148

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BTR, Brain and testis restricted GPCR, G-protein coupled receptor PGR6, PGR6
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Disease relevance of GPR148

  • Forty-seven percent of BTR (8/17) recurred at the site of original metastasis; 35% (6/17) recurred at both original [corrected] and distant sites in the brain, and 18% (3/17) recurred at distant only [corrected] brain sites [1].
  • In the univariate analysis, several factors, including number of brain metastases, treatment for brain metastasis with brain tumor resection (BTR) or whole brain radiation therapy (WBRT), and chemotherapy (C/T) after brain metastasis were found to have significant influence on the survival [2].

High impact information on GPR148


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GPR148


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