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Gene Review

Ku80  -  CG18801 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BG:DS09217.6, CG18801, DmKu80, Dmel\CG18801, KU80, ...
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High impact information on Ku80

  • Analysis of DSB repair during MosTIC experiments demonstrated that DSBs could also be sealed by end-joining in the germ line, independently from the evolutionarily conserved Ku80 and ligase IV factors [1].
  • We have used RNA interference (RNAi) to knock down expression of DmBLM and one or both of the Drosophila Ku subunits, DmKu70 or DmKu80 [2].

Biological context of Ku80


Other interactions of Ku80

  • Loss of Ku80 has more pronounced effects than loss of Ku70 [3].


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