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Gene Review

ara  -  araucan

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: Ara, CG10571, Dmel\CG10571, Homeobox protein araucan, IRO-C, ...
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High impact information on ara

  • We provide evidence for the existence of this prepattern by identifying two of its factors, Araucan and Caupolican [1].
  • It is known that the homeobox genes of the Iroquois complex (Iro-C) define the notum territory and that the distal limit of the Iro-C expression domain demarks the boundary between the notum and the wing hinge [2].
  • The homeobox gene iroquois (iro) is expressed in the LAT region [3].
  • During wing development, Hh also has morphogen-like Dpp-independent functions, controlling the morphogenesis of the central part of the wing through the activation of the evolutionarily conserved transcription factors encoded by the iroquois and collier genes [4].
  • In support of this, we present sequence analyses that implicate genes of the iroquois Complex (Iro-C) and engrailed as additional targets of K box-mediated regulation [5].

Biological context of ara

  • In the present paper, we report the identification of a novel member of the Iroquois gene family, Irx5, that shows a restricted spatio/temporal expression during early mouse embryogenesis, distinct from the expression of Irx1-3 [6].

Anatomical context of ara

  • iroquois: a prepattern gene that controls the formation of bristles on the thorax of Drosophila [7].

Regulatory relationships of ara


Other interactions of ara

  • Thus, ara and caup integrate the inputs of genes effecting the primary subdivisions of the wing disc into compartments to define two smaller territories [9].
  • In addition, we show that the iroquois-complex genes are required for dorsal head development antagonizing the function of homothorax in this region of the disc [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ara

  • An extensive sequence analysis of 20 Iroquois-like genes from seven organisms reveals a high conservation of the homeodomain [6].


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