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Gene Review

KCNJ3  -  potassium inwardly-rectifying channel,...

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of KCNJ3

  • In Xenopus laetis oocytes co-expression of GIRK1 with either the chick M2 or M4 mAChR gave carbamylcholine (10 microm)-stimulated K+ currents of 308 +/-26 nA and 298 +/-29 nA, respectively, which were both Ba2+- and pertussis toxin-sensitive [1].

High impact information on KCNJ3

  • We have demonstrated previously that induction of endogenous cholesterol synthesis in cultured cardiac myocytes resulted in a coordinated increase in expression of muscarinic receptors, the G protein alpha-subunit, G-alphai2, and the inward rectifying K+ channel, GIRK1 [2].
  • In this study we determined the specificity of coupling of the M3 and M4 mAChR to a new GIRK1 cloned from a chick brain cDNA library [1].
  • This clone codes for a 492-amino acid protein that is 93% identical to rat GIRK1 and is expressed in brain, atrium, and ventricle, but not skeletal muscle [1].


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