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Chemical Compound Review

Carbastat     2-aminocarbonyloxyethyl- trimethyl-azanium

Synonyms: Rilentol, Carbacolo, Carboptic, Miostat, Carbacholine, ...
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Disease relevance of Carbamylcholine


High impact information on Carbamylcholine

  • We report here that synthesis and accumulation of phosphatidate was accelerated in smooth muscle cells stimulated by carbamylcholine with a similar time course to that of contraction [6].
  • Fluorescence of cyclic AMP in pancreatic lobules was not altered by carbamylcholine and was localized along the apical portion of plasmalemma and cytoplasm [7].
  • Neuronal NOS inhibitors verified that CCh responses reflected eNOS activity [2].
  • LPS significantly decreased blood pressure and GFR (112+/-4 vs. 83+/-4 mmHg; 2.66+/-0.29 vs. 0. 96+/-0.22 ml/min, P < 0.05) and inhibited the cGMP response to CCh [2].
  • In contrast, although the alpha gamma complex contains the higher affinity competitive antagonist binding site, it had an affinity for carbamylcholine that was an order of magnitude less than that of the alpha delta complex or the AChR [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Carbamylcholine


Biological context of Carbamylcholine


Anatomical context of Carbamylcholine


Associations of Carbamylcholine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Carbamylcholine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Carbamylcholine


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