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Gene Review

vegt-a  -  vegt protein

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: Apod, antipodean, brat, tVegT, xombi
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High impact information on Brat

  • We tested whether endogenous Brat is required for mesoderm formation by expressing a dominant-negative, transcriptional repressor form of Brat in embryos [1].
  • Brat also induces endoderm, consistent with its vegetal localization, making Brat a good candidate for a maternal determinant of the endoderm [1].
  • This treatment inhibited mesoderm formation and severely disrupted normal development, thereby establishing that Brat plays a critical role in embryonic mesoderm formation and body patterning [1].
  • Consistent with its zygotic expression pattern, Brat induces, in a dose-dependent manner, a full spectrum of mesodermal genes that mark tissues across the dorsal-ventral axis, from the blood through the Spemann organizer [1].

Anatomical context of Brat

  • Zygotic expression of Brat begins at the onset of gastrulation within the presumptive mesoderm of the marginal zone [1].
  • During early embryonic cleavage, Brat mRNA becomes partitioned primarily within vegetal cells that are fated to form the endoderm [1].


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