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Gene Review

nodal  -  nodal growth differentiation factor

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: nodal4, nodal4-A, nr4, xnr4
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High impact information on Xnr4

  • We show that loss of maternal Zic2 results in persistent and increased expression of Xenopus nodal-related (Xnr) genes, except for Xnr4, and overall increased Nodal signaling [1].
  • We also find that the TGF beta s, Xnr1, Xnr2, Xnr4 and derrière rescue expression of these genes, supporting the idea that cell interactions are critical for proper endoderm formation [2].
  • During blastula stages Xnr1, Xnr2 and Xnr4 are expressed in a dorsal to ventral gradient in endodermal cells [3].
  • We find that Xnr1, Xnr2, Xnr4 and derrière mRNA all rescue mesoderm formation, as well as the formation of blastopores and the wild-type body axis [4].
  • Ectopic expression of Xnr4 can induce and dorsalize mesoderm [5].

Anatomical context of Xnr4


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