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Gene Review

Mlp84B  -  Muscle LIM protein at 84B

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG1019, CG10699, DLim-3, DmLIM-3, Dmel\CG1019, ...
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High impact information on Mlp84B

  • Within the somatic musculature, Mlp84B transcripts are enriched at the terminal ends of muscle fibers, whereas Mlp60A transcripts are found throughout the muscle fibers [1].
  • Analysis of mutations that affect expression of integrins and alpha-actinin, key components of these structures, also failed to perturb Mlp84B distribution [2].
  • Immunofluorescent studies revealed the localization of Mlp84B to muscle attachment sites and the periphery of Z-bands of striated muscle [2].
  • We show that an independent lethal complementation group encoding a muscle protein (Mlp84B) is located within an Alh intron [3].

Co-localisations of Mlp84B

  • Within the Z-disc, Mlp84B is colocalized with the N-terminus of D-titin, a protein crucial for sarcomere organization and stretch mechanics [4].


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