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Gene Review

Actn  -  alpha actinin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: ACTN, Alpha-actinin, sarcomeric, CG4376, CT14163, CT14232, ...
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High impact information on Actn


Biological context of Actn

  • We discuss these phenotypes in the light of presumed in vivo alpha-actinin functions [4].
  • Molecular genetics of Drosophila alpha-actinin: mutant alleles disrupt Z disc integrity and muscle insertions [4].
  • Allelic but less severely affected fliA mutants are apparently due to point mutations, and develop into adults having thoracic muscle abnormalities [4].
  • In all four cases, hemizygous mutants complete embryogenesis and do not die until the second day of larval growth, signifying that either the role of alpha-actinin in nonmuscle cells is redundant or that a distinct and only distantly related gene encodes the non-muscle isoform [4].
  • Successful rescue indicated that alternative splicing, which also generates larval muscle and non-muscle isoforms, was not essential for viability and that there were no strict spatial or temporal requirements for alpha-actinin expression [5].

Anatomical context of Actn


Associations of Actn with chemical compounds


Co-localisations of Actn

  • RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: In the first step of assembly, projectin immunolocalization appears as random aggregates colocalizing with alpha-actinin, kettin and Z(210), as well as, F-actin [11].

Regulatory relationships of Actn


Other interactions of Actn

  • Thirdly, the length of alpha-actinin was modified by adding a 114 amino acid structural repeat from alpha-spectrin to the center of the rod domain of alpha-actinin [5].
  • Analysis of mutations that affect expression of integrins and alpha-actinin, key components of these structures, also failed to perturb Mlp84B distribution [13].
  • Sequence similarity of the amino-terminal domain of Drosophila beta spectrin to alpha actinin and dystrophin [14].
  • On Lowicryl sections of asynchronous flight muscle, indirect immunogold staining has localized alpha-actinin and the 210-kD protein throughout the matrix of the Z-band, projectin between the Z- and A-bands, and the 400/600-kD components at the I-band/Z-band junction [15].
  • Spectrin and the related proteins dystrophin and alpha-actinin consist largely of repeated motifs of 100-120 residues [16].


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