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Gene Review

bocksbeutel  -  CG9424 gene product from transcript CG9424-RA

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: Bocks, Bocksbeutel, CG9424, Dmel\CG9424, emerin
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High impact information on bocksbeutel


Biological context of bocksbeutel


Anatomical context of bocksbeutel

  • When expressed in transfected cells as GFP fusion proteins, the beta-isoform is localized predominantly in the nucleoplasm and the alpha-isoform is targeted to the nuclear envelope, indicating that Bocksbeutel-alpha is localized in the inner nuclear membrane [2].

Other interactions of bocksbeutel

  • Of all putative Drosophila LEM-domain proteins, otefin and Bocksbeutel exhibited the highest similarity in the LEM motif (53% identical amino acids) [2].
  • In contrast, when lamin DmO was reduced by RNAi the distribution of Bocksbeutel and otefin in the nuclear envelope of Kc167 cells was significantly altered [2].


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