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Gene Review

LYN  -  v-yes-1 Yamaguchi sarcoma viral related...

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of LYN

  • Lymphoma B-cells rendered deficient for LYN, SYK, or both by targeted gene disruption showed increased c-jun expression levels after radiation exposure, but the magnitude of the stimulation was lower than in wild-type cells [1].

High impact information on LYN

  • Introduction of the wild-type (but not a kinase domain mutant) mouse fyn gene into LYN-deficient B cells restored their EMF responsiveness [2].
  • Lymphoma B cells rendered LYN-deficient through targeted disruption of the lyn gene did not elicit enhanced inositol phospholipid turnover after EMF exposure [2].
  • Here, we provide experimental evidence that the cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases BTK, SYK, and LYN are not required for this signal [1].
  • B cells reconstituted with a SH2 domain mutant fyn gene showed a normal EMF response, whereas no increase in inositol phospholipid turnover in response to EMF was noticed in LYN-deficient cells reconstituted with a SH3 domain mutant fyn gene [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of LYN

  • Here, we report that the calcium ionophore ionomycin induces a massive Ca2+-dependent apoptosis in wildtype DT-40 chicken B lymphoma cells, as well as in BTK-deficient, PLCgamma2-deficient and IP3 receptor-deficient DT-40 cells, but not in LYN- or SYK-deficient DT-40 cells [3].

Biological context of LYN


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