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Gene Review

Rox8  -  CG5422 gene product from transcript CG5422-RD

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG5422, DmTIAR, Dmel\CG5422, ROX8, RRM12, ...
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High impact information on Rox8

  • Cloning and sequencing of 124 PCR products revealed 12 different RRM sequences (RRM1 to RRM12) [1].
  • The rox8 gene is predicted to encode a 50-kilodalton protein displaying extensive amino acid sequence similarities (46% overall identity; 57 to 60% similarity) to the two recently described human TIA-1-type nucleolysins [2].
  • The structural relatedness of the three proteins includes three tandemly-repeated consensus RNA-recognition motifs at the N-terminal end and a putative membrane targeting signal at the C-terminal end. rox8 cytologically maps to 95D5-9 on the right arm of the third chromosome [2].
  • Two rox8 transcripts of 3 and 3.3 kb in length, respectively, result from a developmentally-modulated alternative usage of different polyadenylation sites and are differentially accumulated throughout the fly life cycle [2].
  • Hence, we have herein applied degenerate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methodology to clone three additional members (termed rox2, rox8 and rox21) of the D. melanogaster RRM-protein gene superfamily encoding putative trans-acting regulatory factors [3].


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