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Gene Review

Anp  -  Andropin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: ANR, And, CEC, CG1361, Cec, ...
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High impact information on Anp

  • Andropin, which encodes an antibacterial protein, is closely linked to the Cecropin gene cluster of D. melanogaster [1].
  • However, the expression pattern of Andropin is distinct from that of Cecropins, being restricted to the adult male ejaculatory duct [1].
  • Estimates of variation levels show that the genes are not exceptionally polymorphic, but Andropin and Diptericin have patterns of variation that differ significantly from neutrality [2].
  • An Andropin-related sequence was not identified in D. virilis; however, genome Southern hybridizations suggest that Andropin-related sequences are present in at least the melanogaster species subgroup [3].
  • As a first step in studying the molecular evolution of the cecropin and andropin genes among Drosophila species, we have isolated genomic clones that cover the Cecropin locus in Drosophila virilis [3].


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