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Gene Review

kkv  -  krotzkopf verkehrt

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: Blimp, CG2666, CS-1, CS-1/kkv, ChSB, ...
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High impact information on kkv

  • While most of their tracheal morphogenesis defects can be attributed to the lack of chitin, when compared to krotzkopf verkehrt (kkv) chitin-synthase mutants, mmy mutants showed a stronger phenotype, suggesting that some of the mmy phenotypes, like the axon guidance defects, are chitin-independent [1].
  • Feeding larvae of the insect Lucilia cuprina on the fungal chitin synthase competitive inhibitor, nikkomycin Z resulted in strong concentration-dependent mortality of the larvae (LD50 = 280 nM) [2].
  • The complete cDNA and deduced amino-acid sequences of the first arthropod chitin synthase-like protein, LcCS-1, from the larvae of the insect L. cuprina have been determined [2].
  • Bioinformatics has been used to deduce the gene sequence and organization of the highly homologous Drosophila melanogaster orthologue of LcCS-1, DmCS-1 [2].
  • Once the late-larval ecdysone pulse is ceased completely, both DmeChSA and DmeChSB genes show a remarkable up-regulation [3].

Biological context of kkv

  • Moreover, the phenotype of CS-1/kkv mutant embryos indicates that chitin is required to attach the cuticle to the epidermal cells, thereby maintaining epidermal morphology [4].

Associations of kkv with chemical compounds


Other interactions of kkv

  • To obtain the first insight into the transcriptional regulation of chitin synthesis, we have monitored the expression of DmeChSA and DmeChSB during the periods of the late-larval and prepupal ecdysone pulses that direct metamorphosis [3].


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