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Gene Review

aly  -  always early

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 143450_at, Aly, CG2075, Dmel\CG2075, ms(3)2, ...
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High impact information on aly

  • Protein interaction studies suggest that the aly-class gene products form a chromatin-associated complex in primary spermatocytes [1].
  • Tombola, a tesmin/TSO1-family protein, regulates transcriptional activation in the Drosophila male germline and physically interacts with Always early [1].
  • We identify, clone and characterize a new aly-class meiotic arrest gene, matotopetli (topi), which encodes a testis-specific Zn-finger protein that physically interacts with Comr [2].
  • The Drosophila aly-class meiotic arrest loci are essential for activation of transcription of many differentiation-specific genes, as well as several genes important for meiotic cell cycle progression, thus linking meiotic cell cycle progression to cellular differentiation during spermatogenesis [2].
  • We present the identification, cloning and characterisation of a novel Drosophila meiotic arrest gene, cookie monster (comr), that has a mutant phenotype indistinguishable from that of aly [3].

Biological context of aly


Anatomical context of aly

  • The Drosophila always early (aly) gene coordinately regulates meiotic cell cycle progression and terminal differentiation during male gametogenesis. aly is required for transcription of key G2-M cell cycle control genes and of spermatid differentiation genes, and for maintenance of normal chromatin structure in primary spermatocytes [4].
  • MAPK activation occurs normally in aly mutant testes [4].

Regulatory relationships of aly


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