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Disease relevance of Gametogenesis

  • In the stronger allele (110 bp insert) RPS3 mRNA levels are reduced by approximately 60%, resulting in an extreme Minute phenotype that includes many morphological abnormalities as well as sterility in both males and females due to disruption of early gametogenesis [1].
  • Administration of gold chloride at a dose of 0.3 mg/ kg body weight for 26 days led to insignificant changes of testicular Delta5-3beta-HSD,17beta-HSD activities and gametogenesis along with plasma T [2].

High impact information on Gametogenesis

  • Cis-acting regulatory elements that control imprinting are not fully understood but involve regions that become differentially methylated on the two parental chromosomes during male and female gametogenesis [3].
  • Role of Ahch in gonadal development and gametogenesis [4].
  • Here we demonstrate that male gametogenesis is severely disrupted in Atm-deficient mice in the earliest stages of meiotic prophase I, resulting in apoptotic degeneration [5].
  • Assembly of Rad51 foci on axial elements remained defective, and gametogenesis proceeded only to pachytene of prophase I [5].
  • Homozygous male and female mice also had compromised gametogenesis, leading to markedly impaired fertility, a characteristic of FA patients [6].

Biological context of Gametogenesis


Anatomical context of Gametogenesis


Associations of Gametogenesis with chemical compounds


Gene context of Gametogenesis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gametogenesis


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