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Gene Review

dup  -  double parked

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 19k, CDT1, CDT1/DUP, CG8171, Cdt1, ...
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High impact information on dup

  • Interestingly, dup mutant embryos fail both to downregulate S phase genes and to engage a checkpoint preventing mitosis until completion of S phase [1].
  • We identified a Drosophila gene, double parked (dup), that is essential for DNA replication and belongs to a new family of replication proteins conserved from Schizosaccharomyces pombe to humans [1].
  • We observed that the silencing of geminin causes rapid downregulation of Cdt1/Dup, which may contribute to the observed partial overreplication in geminin-deficient cells [2].
  • We find that mitotic cyclins are stabilized and that a spindle checkpoint protein, Bub1, localizes onto chromosomes during mitotic arrest in dup mutants [3].
  • We were able to identify a single, lethal complementation group in 51E, l(2)51Ec, that is responsible for the cessation of replication observed in this interval [4].

Regulatory relationships of dup

  • Cdt1 is an essential component of the pre-RC that is rapidly degraded at G1-S and also inhibited by Geminin (Gem) protein to prevent re-replication [5].

Other interactions of dup

  • Levels of the origin-binding protein Double parked and its inhibitor Geminin increase in response to replication stress [5].


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