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Gene Review

PGL2  -  paraganglioma or familial glomus tumors 2

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of PGL2


High impact information on PGL2

  • Genetic linkage analysis in two large, unrelated Dutch families assigned PGL loci to two regions of chromosome 11, at 11q23 (PGL1) and 11q13.1 (PGL2) [2].
  • Although the oligosaccharide structures of both PGL1 and PGL2 have previously been found in other organisms, the presence of a choline phosphate group as an oligosaccharide substituent is the first finding in nature [3].
  • In addition, a fourth locus, PGL2, has been mapped to chromosome 11q13 in an isolated family [4].
  • This double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study was undertaken to investigate whether D-003 (20 mg/day) modifies serum levels of TxB2 and Pgl2 and inhibits platelet aggregation in human healthy volunteers [5].

Biological context of PGL2

  • Loss of chromosome 11 regions, including the deletion of PGL1 and PGL2 loci, may result in a more severe phenotype, as exemplified by the development of multiple tumors in one of the patients [6].

Associations of PGL2 with chemical compounds


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