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Gene Review

CREBZF  -  CREB/ATF bZIP transcription factor

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HCF-binding transcription factor Zhangfei, Host cell factor-binding transcription factor Zhangfei, SMILE, ZF
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Disease relevance of CREBZF

  • Zhangfei (ZF) is a basic region-leucine zipper protein that has been implicated in herpesvirus infection cycle and related cellular processes [1].

High impact information on CREBZF

  • It is possible to explain the unusual divergence pattern of the mammalian Y-linked ZF genes by interchromosomal gene conversion by X-linked ZF genes [2].
  • We have previously reported (Villa et al. (1993), Genomics 18: 223) the characterization of the human ZNF75 gene located on Xq26, which has only limited homology (less than 65%) to other ZF genes in the databases [3].
  • A reading frame starting at least 75 amino acids before the first zinc finger and ending 11 amino acids after the last one was identified; comparison with other ZF genes suggests that this genomic fragment represents the carboxy-terminal exon of the gene [4].
  • Here we report a second human protein, Zhangfei (ZF) that interacts with HCF in a fashion similar to Luman and VP16 [5].
  • Unlike Luman, or most other bZIP proteins, ZF by itself did not appear to bind consensus bZIP-binding sites [5].

Biological context of CREBZF

  • Although ZF shares no significant sequence homology with Luman, the two proteins have some structural similarities [5].
  • Although in transient expression assays ectopically expressed ZF was unable to block transactivation by VP16 of a HSV IE promoter, ZF could prevent the expression of several HSV proteins in cells infected with the virus [5].


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