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Herpesviridae Infections

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Disease relevance of Herpesviridae Infections


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Chemical compound and disease context of Herpesviridae Infections


Biological context of Herpesviridae Infections


Anatomical context of Herpesviridae Infections


Gene context of Herpesviridae Infections

  • However to date the effects of acute herpesvirus infection on metabolism of APP in human neuronal-type cells have not been investigated [24].
  • Overall, the results suggest that the dipeptide prodrugs of ACV have a high affinity toward the intestinal oligopeptide transporter hPEPT1 and therefore seem to be promising candidates in the treatment of ocular and oral herpesvirus infections, because cornea and intestinal epithelia seem to express the oligopeptide transporters [25].
  • Herpesvirus infection of ICAM-1-deficient mice [26].
  • Although the precise details of IRF3 activation and interferon production in response to herpesvirus infection are still being elucidated, viral proteins that block components of the interferon pathway, particularly IRF3, have been identified and characterized [27].
  • Polymerase chain reaction as a diagnostic adjunct in herpesvirus infections of the nervous system [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Herpesviridae Infections


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