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Gene Review

robo2  -  roundabout, axon guidance receptor,...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704
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High impact information on robo2

  • Retinal ganglion cells express robo2 as they extend axons [1].
  • Missorting in box can be rescued by overexpression of extl3. dak;box double mutants show synthetic pathfinding phenotypes that phenocopy robo2 mutants, suggesting that Robo2 function requires HS in vivo; however, tract sorting does not require Robo function, since it is normal in robo2 null mutants [2].
  • In the astray/robo2 mutant, growth cones are larger and more complex than wild-type. astray axons make midline errors not seen in wild-type, as well as errors both before and after the midline. astray errors are rarely corrected [3].
  • In the robo2 mutant, astray (ast), early growing olfactory axons misroute ventromedially or posteriorly, and often penetrate into the diencephalon without reaching the OB primordium [4].


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