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Gene Review

psaA  -  PSI P700 apoprotein A1

Euglena gracilis

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High impact information on psaA

  • The PSI dicistronic transcript is further processed to monocistronic psaA and psaB mRNAs [1].
  • The accumulated transcripts of the psaA operon have been characterized by Northern hybridization, S1 nuclease analysis and primer extension RNA sequencing [1].
  • The pre-mRNA of the psaA operon undergoes a complex processing pathway of 5' and 3' tRNA processing, splicing of 11 group II introns and one group II twintron, plus three intercistronic RNA cleavage events [1].
  • The differential accumulation of psaA operon mRNAs may be a means of chloroplast gene regulation or, alternatively, a consequence of gene expression during chloroplast development [1].
  • The psaA operon pre-mRNA of the Euglena gracilis chloroplast is processed into photosystem I and II mRNAs that accumulate differentially depending on the conditions of cell growth [1].

Associations of psaA with chemical compounds


Other interactions of psaA

  • The psaA and psbB genes lack conventional initiation codons in the expected positions, and may use GTA for translation initiation [3].


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