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Gene Review

CYCD2;1  -  cyclin-D2-1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATCYCD2;1, Cyclin D2;1, F14M13.11, F14M13_11
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Disease relevance of CYCD2;1


High impact information on CYCD2;1

  • Synchronized cultures confirm that CYCD3;1-expressing (but not CYCD2;1-expressing) cells show increased G2-phase length and delayed activation of mitotic genes such as B-type cyclins, suggesting that CYCD3;1 has a specific G1/S role [2].
  • CYCD2 (delta 2) transcript levels were largely unaffected by the readdition of phytohormones or nitrate to the growth medium, and remained constant throughout the cell cycle in suspension-culture cells [3].
  • These changes reveal a particular sensitivity of the corpus cells (L3) to Arath-CYCD2 over-expression and suggest a role for CYCD2 in controlling the planes of cell division in these cells [1].

Associations of CYCD2;1 with chemical compounds

  • In support of this hypothesis, we show that, on restimulation of suspension-cultured cells, cyclin delta 3 is rapidly induced by the plant growth regulator cytokinin and cyclin delta 2 is induced by carbon source [4].


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