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Gene Review

SYP121  -  syntaxin-121

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: AT-SYR1, ATSYP121, ATSYR1, PEN1, PENETRATION1, ...
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Disease relevance of SYP121

  • Disrupting Nt-Syr1 function by cleavage with Clostridium botulinum type C toxin or competition with a soluble fragment of Nt-Syr1 prevents potassium and chloride ion channel response to ABA in guard cells and implicates Nt-Syr1 in an ABA-signaling cascade [1].

High impact information on SYP121

  • The tobacco Nt-SYR1 gene encodes a syntaxin that is associated with the plasma membrane [1].
  • Thus SYP121 and SYP122 are negative regulators of PCD, SA, JA and ET pathways through a molecular function distinct from that of SYP121 in penetration resistance [2].

Associations of SYP121 with chemical compounds


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