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Gene Review

FAD8  -  fatty acid desaturase 8

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on FAD8

  • To investigate the role of jasmonate in wound signaling in Arabidopsis and to test whether parallel or redundant pathways exist for insect defense, we have studied a mutant (fad3-2 fad7-2 fad8) that is deficient in the jasmonate precursor linolenic acid [1].
  • A series of FAD7-FAD8 chimeric genes, each encoding a functional plastidial omega-3 desaturase, were introduced into the Arabidopsis fad7fad8 double mutant [2].
  • The fad3-2 fad7-2 fad8 triple mutant, which contains no trienoic fatty acids in its thylakoid membranes, was most susceptible to photoinhibition [3].
  • A putative fad8 cDNA was isolated by heterologous hybridization using a gene encoding an endoplasmic reticulum-localized omega-3 desaturase (fad3) as a probe [4].
  • The fad8-1 mutation created a premature stop codon 149 amino acids from the amino-terminal end of the fad8 open reading frame, suggesting that this mutation results in a complete loss of fad8 activity [4].

Associations of FAD8 with chemical compounds

  • No GUS expression was observed in a coil mutant background which lacks jasmonate perception whereas methyl jasmonate and coronatine but not the other inducers were able to overcome the block in jasmonic acid production in a fad3-2 fad7-2 fad8 mutant background [5].


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