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Gene Review

LSP1  -  translation initiation factor 4E-2

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of LSP1


High impact information on LSP1

  • This mutant line completely lacks both eIF(iso)4E mRNA and protein, but was found to have a phenotype and fertility indistinguishable from wild-type plants under standard laboratory conditions [4].
  • Localization, ion channel regulation, and genetic interactions during abscisic acid signaling of the nuclear mRNA cap-binding protein, ABH1 [5].
  • In the present study, it was shown that not only did VPg bind eIF(iso)4E but it also interacted with the eIF4E isomer of A. thaliana as well as with eIF(iso)4E of Triticum aestivum (wheat) [6].
  • The cap analogue m(7)GTP, but not GTP, inhibited VPg-eIF(iso)4E complex formation, suggesting that VPg and cellular mRNAs compete for eIF(iso)4E binding [6].
  • Brassica perviridis plants were infected with a TuMV infectious cDNA (p35Tunos) and p35TuD77N, a mutant which contained the aspartic acid substitution in the VPg domain that abolished the interaction with eIF(iso)4E [6].

Biological context of LSP1


Other interactions of LSP1

  • ClYVV accumulated in both inoculated and upper uninoculated leaves of mutant plants lacking eIF(iso)4E, but not in mutant plants lacking eIF4E [2].
  • Deletion analysis maps the region of AtLOX2 involved in interaction with AteIF(iso)4E between amino acids 175 and 232 [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LSP1


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