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Plant lipoxygenase 2 is a translation initiation factor-4E-binding protein.

The eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) emerged recently as a target for different types of regulation affecting translation. In animal and yeast cells, eIF4E-binding proteins modulate the availability of eIF4E. A search for plant eIF4E- binding proteins from Arcabictopsis thaliana using the yeast genetic interaction system identified a clone encoding a lipoxygenase type 2 (AtLOX2). In vitro and in vivo biochemical assays confirm an interaction between AtLOX2 and plant eIF4E(iso) factor. A two-hybrid assay revealed that AtLOX2 is also able to interact with both wheat initiation factors 4E and 4E(iso). Deletion analysis maps the region of AtLOX2 involved in interaction with AteIF(iso)4E between amino acids 175 and 232. A sequence related to the conserved motif present in several eIF4E-binding proteins was found in this region. Furthermore, the wheat p86 subunit, a component of the plant translation eIF(iso)4F complex, was found to interfere with the AteIF(iso)4E-AtLOX2 interaction suggesting that p86 and AtLOX2 compete for the same site on eIF(iso)4E. These results may reflect a link between eIF4Es factors mediating translational control with LOX2 activity, which is probably conserved throughout the plant kingdom.[1]


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