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Gene Review

EPR1  -  early-phytochrome-responsive1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on EPR1

  • In wild-type Arabidopsis plants grown in continuous light, the EPR1 transcript exhibits circadian rhythmicity similar to that of CCA1 and LHY [1].
  • The genomic DNA flanking the T-DNA insert was cloned by walking PCR and the insertion was shown to be located 70 bp upstream of a 2285 bp open reading frame (AtEPR1) sharing strong similarities with extensins [2].
  • The AtEPR1 open reading frame consists of 40 proline-rich repeats and is expressed in both wild-type and mutant lines [2].
  • The expression of the AtEPR1 gene appears to be under positive control of gibberellic acid, but is not downregulated by abscisic acid during seed germination [2].


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  2. The Arabidopsis AtEPR1 extensin-like gene is specifically expressed in endosperm during seed germination. Dubreucq, B., Berger, N., Vincent, E., Boisson, M., Pelletier, G., Caboche, M., Lepiniec, L. Plant J. (2000) [Pubmed]
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