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Gene Review

IMH1  -  Imh1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Golgin IMH1, Integrins and myosins homology protein 1, SYS3, YLR309C
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High impact information on IMH1

  • A screen for mutants that, like ypt6, specifically impair the growth of imh1 cells led to the identification of RIC1 [1].
  • In vitro binding experiments demonstrated that activated Arl1p-GTP binds specifically and directly to the Imh1p GRIP domain [2].
  • Finally, we find that Arl3p is required in vivo for the targeting of Arl1p, explaining its requirement for the normal distribution of Imh1p [3].

Associations of IMH1 with chemical compounds

  • Cloning of extragenic suppressors of the ts allele of YPT6 has revealed two additional proteins that influence the secretory pathway: Ssd1p, a suppressor of many mutations, and Imh1p, which bears some homology to the C-terminal portion of the cytoskeletal proteins integrin and myosin [4].


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