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Gene Review

CDC73  -  Cdc73p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Cell division control protein 73, RNA polymerase-associated protein CDC73, YLR418C
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High impact information on CDC73

  • Deletions of three yeast genes, SET2, CDC73, and DST1, involved in transcriptional elongation and/or chromatin metabolism were used in conjunction with genetic array technology to screen approximately 4700 yeast deletions and identify double deletion mutants that produce synthetic growth defects [1].
  • The presence of the Paf1/Cdc73 complex on ORFs in vivo suggests a novel function for this complex in elongation [2].
  • In this work we demonstrate that Ccr4p and Hpr1p are components of the Paf1p-Cdc73p-Pol II complex [3].
  • Paf1p and Cdc73p were previously reported to be RNA poly-merase II-associated proteins, suggesting that the Ctr9p complex may interact with the general transcription apparatus [4].
  • Genome-wide expression analysis of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain deleted for the Tup1p-interacting protein Cdc73p [5].

Biological context of CDC73

  • Additionally, as previously observed for hpr1Delta, deleting PAF1 or CDC73 leads to elevated recombination between direct repeats [3].
  • Mutations in CDC73 and PAF1 affect cell growth and the abundance of transcripts from a subset of yeast genes (X. Shi et al., Mol. Cell. Biol., 1996 16, 669-676) [6].
  • Combination of the cdc73 mutation with the more severe paf1 mutation does not result in an enhanced phenotype, indicating that the two proteins may function in the same cellular processes [7].
  • Also isolated as RAPs are two proteins (Cdc73p and Paf1p) with interesting connections to gene expression [6].

Other interactions of CDC73

  • The Srbps and Cdc73p-Paf1p therefore appear to define two complexes with partially redundant, essential functions in the yeast cell [7].
  • Furthermore, our results indicate that Cdc73p plays a role in the repression of telomere-proximal genes, which are not repressed by Tup1p [5].
  • Isolation and characterization of two genes encoding yeast mating pheromone signaling elements: CDC72 and CDC73 [8].


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