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Gene Review

TIM22  -  Tim22p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: D0884, Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit TIM22, YDL217C
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High impact information on TIM22

  • Import of proteins of the AAC family is independent of Tim23, and import of matrix targeting signals containing preproteins is independent of Tim22 [1].
  • Tim10p readily dissociated from the complex and was required to transport carrier precursors across the outer membrane; Tim12p was firmly bound to Tim22p and mediated the insertion of carriers into the inner membrane [2].
  • The soluble Tim9p-Tim10p (Tim, translocase of inner membrane) complex of the mitochondrial intermembrane space mediates the import of the carrier proteins and is a component of the TIM22 import system [3].
  • Thus, biogenesis of the Tim23.17 complex depends on the Tim22 complex, which is the translocase identified as mediating the import of carrier proteins [4].
  • Finally, the tim54-1 mutation destabilizes the Tim22 protein, but not Tim23p or Tim17p [5].

Anatomical context of TIM22


Physical interactions of TIM22

  • A cryptic matrix targeting signal of the yeast ADP/ATP carrier normally inserted by the TIM22 complex is recognized by the TIM23 machinery [8].

Other interactions of TIM22

  • We suggest that the 70-kDa complexes facilitate import, similar to the outer membrane receptors of the TOM (hetero-oligomeric translocase of the outer membrane) complex, and the essential role of Tim9p and Tim10p may be to mediate protein insertion in the inner membrane with the TIM22 complex [9].
  • The Tim54p-Tim22p complex mediates insertion of proteins into the mitochondrial inner membrane [5].
  • The TIM22 protein import pathway of the yeast mitochondrion contains several components, including a family of five proteins (Tim8p, -9p, -10p, -12p, and -13p [Tim, for translocase of inner membrane]) that are located in the intermembrane space and are 25% identical [9].
  • We suggest that Tim18p functions in the assembly and stabilization of the TIM22 complex but does not directly participate in protein insertion into the inner membrane [6].
  • We report that import of the preprotein of Tim22 requires Tom20, although it uses the carrier Tim route [10].


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