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Gene Review

TIM23  -  protein transporter TIM23

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: MAS6, MIM23, MPI3, Membrane import machinery protein MIM23, Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit TIM23, ...
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High impact information on MAS6


Biological context of MAS6


Anatomical context of MAS6

  • Two intermembrane space TIM complexes interact with different domains of Tim23p during its import into mitochondria [5].
  • Tim23 import intermediates could also be cross-linked to the complex, suggesting a dual role for the Tim8-Tim13 intermembrane space complex in the import of proteins found in both the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes [9].
  • Tim23p is a mitochondrial inner membrane protein essential for the import of proteins from the cytosol [10].

Associations of MAS6 with chemical compounds

  • In contrast to precursors with an NH2-terminal targeting presequence that are imported in a linear NH2-terminal manner, we show that Tim23p crosses the outer membrane as a loop before inserting into the inner membrane [11].

Physical interactions of MAS6

  • We suggest that Tim50 plays a crucial role in the transfer of preproteins from the TOM complex to the TIM23 complex through the intermembrane space [7].
  • In particular, import of nuclear-encoded precursor proteins into and across the mitochondrial inner membrane is mediated by two distinct translocases, the TIM23 complex and the TIM22 complex [12].
  • Although Tam41 is not a constituent of the TIM23 complex, depletion of Tam41 led to a decreased molecular size of the TIM23 complex and partial aggregation of Pam18 and -16 [13].
  • Characterization of the mitochondrial inner membrane translocase complex: the Tim23p hydrophobic domain interacts with Tim17p but not with other Tim23p molecules [10].
  • The purified C-terminal domain of Tim21 appears not to bind to any of the TIM23 components but rather specifically interacts with the TOM complex [14].

Regulatory relationships of MAS6

  • On the basis of these observations we propose that charged residues in Tim17 are critical for the preprotein-induced gating of the TIM23 translocase [15].

Other interactions of MAS6

  • Precursor proteins carrying amino-terminal targeting signals are translocated into the matrix by the integral inner membrane proteins Tim23 and Tim17 in cooperation with Tim44 and mitochondrial Hsp70 [16].
  • We now show that the two 70 kDa complexes each mediate the import of a different subset of integral inner membrane proteins and that they can transfer these proteins to one of three different membrane insertion sites: the TIM22 complex, the TIM23 complex or an as yet uncharacterized insertion site [17].
  • Tim18p does not cofractionate with the TIM23 complex upon immunoprecipitation or nondenaturing gel electrophoresis [18].
  • Conserved N-terminal negative charges in the Tim17 subunit of the TIM23 translocase play a critical role in the import of preproteins into mitochondria [15].
  • PiC thus appears to have a latent signal for sorting to the TIM23 pathway, which is exposed by reduced interactions with the Tim9-Tim10 complex and maintenance of the import competence [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MAS6


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