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Gene Review

GCD6  -  Gcd6p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: GCD complex subunit GCD6, Guanine nucleotide exchange factor subunit GCD6, TIF225, Translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit epsilon, YD8142.12, ...
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High impact information on GCD6

  • In contrast, the GCD1 and GCD6 subunits form an eIF2B subcomplex that binds equally to eIF2 and eIF2(alphaP) [1].
  • Here we report the results of a molecular dissection of the yeast epsilon subunit encoded by GCD6 in which we have identified the catalytic domain [2].
  • Together, our results provide evidence that GCD6 and GCD7 are subunits of eIF-2B in S. cerevisiae and further implicate this GDP-GTP exchange factor in gene-specific translational control [3].
  • Furthermore, we show that GCD6 is 30% identical to the largest subunit of eIF-2B isolated from rabbit reticulocytes [3].
  • Finally, at the very C-termini of GCD6, eIF-2B epsilon, and two other eukaryotic translation initiation factors, eIF-4 gamma and eIF-5, there is a previously undetected, conserved domain [4].

Biological context of GCD6

  • The derived amino acid sequence contains regions identical to three peptides obtained from bovine liver eIF-2B epsilon and is 31% identical to Gcd6, the putative yeast eIF-2B epsilon [5].

Other interactions of GCD6

  • We find that both GCD6 and GCD7 show sequence similarities to components of a high-molecular-weight complex (the GCD complex) that appears to be the yeast equivalent of translation initiation factor 2B (eIF-2B), which catalyzes GDP-GTP exchange on eIF-2 [3].


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