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Gene Review

KTR2  -  mannosyltransferase KTR2

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: YKR061W
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High impact information on KTR2

  • Examination of the electrophoretic mobility of the N-linked modified protein invertase in null mutant strains indicates that Ktr1p, Ktr2p, and Yur1p are involved in N-linked glycosylation, possibly as redundant enzymes [1].
  • KTR2: a new member of the KRE2 mannosyltransferase gene family [2].
  • A null mutation in KTR2 leads to partial resistance to killer toxin and hints that KTR2, which encodes a putative mannosyltransferase, is involved in extracellular matrix assembly [2].
  • In contrast to KRE2 null mutants, which produce shortened (two-mannose) chains, mutants harboring a KTR2 gene disruption synthesize O-linked chains with the wild-type patterns of five mannose residues [2].


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