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Gene Review

RIM20  -  Rim20p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Regulator of IME2 protein 20, YOR275C, pH-response regulator protein palA/RIM20
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High impact information on RIM20

  • We propose that alkaline growth conditions alter the endosomal surface to favor Rim20-Snf7 interaction and Rim101 cleavage [1].
  • Control of Bro1-domain protein Rim20 localization by external pH, ESCRT machinery, and the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rim101 pathway [1].
  • Yeast PalA/AIP1/Alix homolog Rim20p associates with a PEST-like region and is required for its proteolytic cleavage [2].
  • We suggest that Rim20p may serve as part of a scaffold that places Rim101p and Rim13p in close proximity [2].
  • Within group VI, we found genes involved in environmentally regulated transduction pathways (PAL2 and RIM20) as well as others with miscellaneous or unknown functions [3].

Biological context of RIM20

  • The relationship between the MVB pathway and Rim101p pathway is conserved in Candida albicans, because mutations in four ESCRT subunit genes abolish alkaline pH-induced filamentation, a phenotype previously seen for rim101 and rim20 mutants [4].

Anatomical context of RIM20

  • Yeast Bro1-domain protein Rim20 has no role in endosome function, but is required for alkaline pH-stimulated cleavage of transcription factor Rim101 [1].

Physical interactions of RIM20

  • Prior studies with Saccharomyces cerevisiae have shown that the ESCRT-III protein Snf7p interacts with the MVB pathway protein Bro1p as well as its homolog Rim20p [4].


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