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Gene Review

GIC1  -  Gic1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: GTPase-interacting component 1, YHR061C
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High impact information on GIC1

  • We show here that the temperature-sensitive growth phenotype of bem2 mutant cells can be suppressed by increased dosage of the GIC1 gene [1].
  • Thus, Gic1p and Gic2p define a novel class of Cdc42p targets that are specifically required for cytoskeletal polarization in vivo [2].
  • The ability of Gic1 to associate with Cdc42 is important for its function but is apparently not essential for its subcellular localization [1].
  • At low temperatures, drs2Delta mutant cells exhibited depolarization of cortical actin patches and mislocalization of polarity regulators, such as Bni1p and Gic1p, in a manner similar to the cdc50Delta mutant [3].
  • Four Novel Suppressors of gic1 gic2 and Their Roles in Cytokinesis and Polarized Cell Growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [4].

Biological context of GIC1

  • Furthermore, two new suppressor genes, ZDS1 and GIC1, were identified [5].
  • The Gic1 protein, together with its structural homolog Gic2, are required for cell size and shape control, bud site selection, bud emergence, actin cytoskeletal organization, mitotic spindle orientation/positioning, and mating projection formation in response to mating pheromone [1].

Other interactions of GIC1

  • Among the mutations in effectors of CDC42, only the gic1 gic2 mutation demonstrated a synthetic lethal interaction with rsr1 [6].


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