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Gene Review

LRP1  -  Lrp1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Exosome complex protein LRP1, Like an rRNA processing protein 1, RRP47, YC1D, YHR081W, ...
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High impact information on LRP1

  • Two of these factors, mRNA surveillance factor Rrp6 and DNA repair protein Lrp1, are nuclear exosome components that physically interact with one another [1].
  • Further, Rrp6 and Lrp1 are both required for repair of UV-induced DNA damage [1].
  • We find that Lrp1 mediates specific mRNA degradation upon DNA-damaging UV irradiation as well as general mRNA degradation [1].
  • It accumulates at a perinuclear region, and mutations in let-512/vps34 result in an expansion of the outer nuclear membrane as well as in a mislocalization and subsequent complete lack of expression of LRP-1, a C.elegans LDL receptor normally associated with the apical surface of hypodermal cells [2].
  • These results indicate that CeVPS-27 is required for endosomal and autophagic pathways in C. elegans and plays a crucial role in the control of molting through LRP-1 internalization and cholesterol traffic [3].


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