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Gene Review

cmaA2  -  cyclopropane mycolic acid synthase

Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

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Disease relevance of cmaA2


High impact information on cmaA2

  • Here we examine the pathogenetic role and immunomodulatory function of mycolic acid cyclopropane stereochemistry by characterizing an M. tuberculosis cyclopropane-mycolic acid synthase 2 (cmaA2) null mutant (Delta cmaA2) that lacks trans-cyclopropanation of mycolic acids [2].
  • These results establish cmaA2-dependent trans-cyclopropanation of TDM as a suppressor of M. tuberculosis-induced inflammation and virulence [2].
  • Despite substantial sequence identity, these proteins catalyze highly specific cyclopropane modifications, including proximal modification of the alpha-mycolate (pcaA) and trans-cyclopropane modification (cmaA2) [3].
  • These results define cmaA2 as a trans-cyclopropane synthetase and expand our knowledge of the substrate specificity of a large family of highly homologous mycolic acid methyl transferases recently shown to be critical to M. tuberculosis pathogenesis [1].

Associations of cmaA2 with chemical compounds

  • Analysis by proton NMR indicates that the mycolic acids of the cmaA2 mutant lack trans-cyclopropane rings but are otherwise intact with respect to cyclopropane and methyl branch content [1].


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