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Gene Review

FIBP  -  fibroblast growth factor (acidic)...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Acidic fibroblast growth factor intracellular-binding protein, FGF-1 intracellular-binding protein, FGFIBP, FIBP-1, aFGF intracellular-binding protein
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High impact information on FIBP


Anatomical context of FIBP

  • FIBP became post-translationally associated with microsomes added to the cell-free protein synthesizing system, and the membrane-associated protein bound aFGF with high efficiency [3].

Associations of FIBP with chemical compounds

  • In vitro-translated FIBP bound specifically to a fusion protein of maltose-binding protein and aFGF [3].

Other interactions of FIBP

  • The possibility is discussed that FIBP may be involved in the mitogenic action of aFGF [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FIBP

  • Using comparative sequence analysis of Drosophila and human FIBP genes we demonstrate a remarkable conservation of their structural architecture suggesting that FIBP from vertebrates and insects are genuine homologues [2].


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